Here's How: Box of Chocolates

When I was a kid I loved to make things that had moving parts, things that could be opened and closed, played with. So, it is not surprising that when I was trying to think up an original idea for a Valentine's Day cookie I remembered a two part "box of chocolates" cookie that Lisa, one of my best assistants ever, came up with ages ago. Though at the time it seemed complicated, with a few adjustments it now seems pretty easy and somewhat open to interpretation! So, I decided to make some for Valentine's Day. Start with 2 heart-shaped cookies - mine are 3 1/2 inches. Pipe a border around the hearts in red or your color of choice! Fill in the hearts with red royal icing. I use a brush to

Here's How: Painted Cookie Puzzle

These painted cookies are easy and fun to make. Line them up, paint on them, separate them. Then try to put them back together (like a puzzle) or rearrange them in a new pattern! 1. Use any roll-out sugar cookie recipe to bake the 9 squares. 2. Pipe a border of white royal icing around each cookie! 3. Fill in the squares with white royal icing (I use a paintbrush) and let them dry for 8 hours or overnight. 4. Create your palette with food coloring. Using a paintbrush, mix your colors with small amounts of water depending on the vibrancy desired. If your brush seems too wet, is not too wet, dab it on a paper towel before painting on the cookie. 5. Place the cookies in a grid to make your cook


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