Spiced Domino® Golden Sugar Cookies

This post is presented by Domino® Golden Sugar. Measuring Cup Cookies with Equal Sign! Domino’s New Golden Sugar works just like traditional white sugar in any recipe, so we made some measuring cup cookies to illustrate that! I used a spiced-up version of my favorite classic sugar cookie recipe and just substituted Golden Sugar for white sugar in equal amounts. It still bakes up perfectly and holds its shape, which is very important for my cut-out cookies. Plus, it tastes so good.. There’s a hint of molasses flavor! Here’s how to make the measuring cup cookies, inspired by the illustrations on Domino’s Golden Sugar packaging. Step 1: Prepare the cookies. Make a template out of stiff cardboar

Domino® Golden Sugar Cookies

This post is presented by Domino® Golden Sugar. It’s pretty clear from looking at my instagram account (@bakedideas) that I love making cookies that look like food, so when Domino® Sugar asked me to reproduce their new Golden Sugar packaging in cookie form I was totally on board. Domino® Sugar has always been my go-to sugar for cookie dough and royal icing, and I was excited to try replacing the white sugar in my classic sugar cookie with their new less processed Golden Sugar. Substituting cup-for-cup, the Golden Sugar worked perfectly in my tried and true recipe. It’s the dough recipe I used when I decorated dog cookies with Ina Garten on the Barefoot Contessa. The fact that this new Domin


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