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Here's How: Transform Royal Dansk Butter Cookies into Valentine's Day Emojis!

When I saw the familiar dark blue Royal Dansk cookie tins in a store the other day I remembered how, when I was a kid, I loved eating all the different shapes. Since I'm all about shapes and cookie transformations lately (Check out my book), it occurred to me that it would be easy and fun to turn these store-bought cookies into little emojis!

Since February 14th is coming up so soon, you can transform this ordinary tin of cookies into a sweet Valentine's Day gift. Luckily, each emoji matches perfectly with a cookie shape in the tin.

This is a no-bake DIY. The best part is that you can easily find these classic Royal Dansk Butter Cookies on sale in NYC at most grocery stories. You can even use store bought icing. Just don't forget to flip the cookies over and decorate the flat side for an even surface! You can also switch out the white paper baking cups with pink, red, or a color of your choice.

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